Best in class production facilities

1,548 m²

Facility size

Newly renovated, our site has customised receiving and dispatch facilities, upgraded kitchens, and innovative storage space.


Dedicated kitchens

Cold kitchens, hot kitchens, pack rooms, specialised zones, we can cater to your needs.

Helping Brands Produce at Scale

With our dedicated chefs, we are able to create recipes (or refine your existing recipes) to deliver exactly what you and your customers expect – every time.

Helping Startups Off the Mark

In-house research and development to stay abreast of market trends. With our creative team, we are able to pivot production to meet the ever changing Singapore foodie environment.

Bringing Customised Products to Market

Our own recipes focus on healthy, tasty, fresh, and quality products encompassing adaptions of well-loved classics to exciting innovations.

Logistic Solutions

Red Gum owns its fleet of chiller vehicles to ensure our products are delivered to the customer while maintaining the integrity of the cold chain.