The Great Escapade

At long last it has happened!  Red Gum has moved from our properties at Bukit Batok to our new (well, new to us) factory at Senoko. At last all our operations will be under one roof – office, warehouse, and production kitchens will share the same address and be in the same building.

We have moved our office in what was a heroic effort by everyone in pretty much two days.  Of course, we sent files and the non-essential bits over in small efforts in the weeks before, but on the Friday we really started packing and moving as much as we could.  Christian Scheiring is truly a mover and shaker.  Saleh bin Hamid was amazing, organizing our logisitics staff and getting those bulky tables and a myriad of files and boxes over in one piece.  Saturday saw the old office completely bare by 11am, and everyone was over at Senoko setting up.  By six in the evening the new office was completely set up with computers attached to their printers, and the internet connected.  A special thank you goes to Eric of EC Solutions for truly being a solution provider extraordinaire.  Moving computer systems that are networked is no mean feat, so getting back and operational so quickly was totally due to him and his staff.  We were open again for business as usual on Monday! Watch this space for more news as events unfold!