We are Singapore’s premium importer of fresh salads and salad mixes. Explore our extensive variety of leafs, textures and mixes, as well as fine herbs and dressings. From harvest to delivery, we make sure it’s fresh.

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Red Gum brings you a delicious array of soft, blue and hard cheeses, as well as creams. Tantalize your taste buds with these fine imported cheeses from Australia and the UK. Discover why they are winning fans and awards the world over.

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Authentic. Delicious. Addictive…

Red Gum brings you an artful blend of tastes and textures otherwise known as the best antipasto in Singapore. Our olives come from the land of olives, Greece.

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When they taste like ours do. When they add zing, panache and other taste-inspiring touches. When they bring something to any and every meal. Discover our collection of specialty condiments here.

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Our fresh vegetables and fruits offer exceptional quality, taste and shelf life. The freshness advantage starts and ends right here. Our highly cultivated relationships with top growers and cool chain process are just two reasons why.

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